Miele System

Our office is proud to be one of the few in the state utilizing a system to clean debri from our instruments.  The cassettes that store the instruments are cycled thru the Miele prior to being wrapped and sterilized.  After being used in the operatory on a patient, the instruments are returned to the cassette, which is then locked.  The cassette is then placed in the Miele for cleaning and disinfection.  At the end of the cycle, any viruses or bacteria that can cause human disease are basically destroyed.  We do not stop there in our sterilization process.  The cassettes are then packaged and sealed and sterilized in the steam autoclave.  This complete process insures that the instruments we use on you chair-side are completely sterile.

View of the front of the Miele open and the used cassettes loaded and ready for cleaning and disinfection.

View of the front of the Miele with the door closed and the contents about to be cleaned and disinfected.

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