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Afraid of a Root Canal ?
Only heard of the bad details your loved ones went through? Well, our office uses a rotary device which files the canals of the teeth more thoroughly and quickly. This helps the procedure go much faster and most of the time is PAINFREE !!

Financing your treatment
Looking for an affordable way to take care of your dental needs? We offer Care Credit , an innovative way to finance your dental treatment.  Any questions should be directed to Cindy, our office manager.

Dental Materials Concern
In our office we use materials tested by the American Dental Association and when outside labs are needed, they are certified by the state and they too use materials approved by the ADA.  There are cheaper alternatives in terms of materials and labs available which can be passed on to the patient.  However, in some situations this cost saving can be detrimental to the patient.  An example was recently reported by an Ohio TV station in which a crown was made overseas where such crowns are les costly to be manufactured.  This crown tested positive for lead which is not appropriate for use in dental prosthetics.  We encourage our patients to ask where their crown, bridge, partial, etc is made and what materials are used.  The labs we use are all local and any questions can be readily answered.  Remember, your health is our primary concern.