Steam Autoclave

We have used the steam autoclave to sterilize our instruments for the last 23 years.  This method of sterilization destroys all life form from viruses to bacteria to other pathogens.  The process involves not only high heat, but extreme pressure which totally destroys any living matter.  We check our autoclave weekly thru  the University of Louisville School of Dentistry and if any abnormality is detected we are notified at once. 

Our office partners with Patterson Dental Supply located here in the city.  We have an agreement with them that if our autoclave breaks down they will provide us with a loaner that day.  Our office has in the past shut down for a day if a loaner was not available.  So, patients should rest assured that we are looking out for their best interest and will not compromise in any manner on their safety.

Our steam autoclave which is located in the Sterilization Room.

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