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    Our office utilizes state of the art techniques in instrument sterilization.  Our policy on sterilization is very rigid.  A special trust is placed in our hands each time a person comes into our office. We do not take that trust lightly, therefore, we are committed to doing everything we can to provide maximum protection against infectious disease.  Some

procedures you may observe are the usage of masks, gloves, scrubs and lab coats and protective eye wear.  Our entire staff is well trained in the latest sterilization procedures.

    Our sterilization process is monitored weekly thru a service provided by the University of Louisville School of Dentistry. 

    All instruments are either packaged in sealed bags or placed in metal cassettes that are wrapped and sealed before being sterilized.  The sterilization cycle virtually kills all bacteria, viruses and other disease causing organisms.

    Our procedure is that recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and anyone on our staff would be pleased to show you the process.

Here is a list and descriptions of the sterilization procedures that we have implemented:

Miele System                        Steam Autoclave

Chemical Disinfection            One time use items

Vinyl Floors                           Cassette System

Surface Decontamination        Gloves, Masks & Gowns

Self Contained Water System


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Instruments used in treatment are cleaned and stored in metal locking cassettes. These are wrapped and sealed and sterilized under high temperature and pressure.

Other items used in treatment are placed in self sealing bags and sterilized like the cassettes. Anything that cannot be sterilized, is disposed of properly.

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