Complete Dental Examination

    At Stony Spring Family Dental, we get to know our patients before performing treatment.  In this process, the patient gets to know us.  Before dental treatment is performed, we want to discover the causes of the problems that the patient might have.  Knowing "Why" a problem developed insures that whatever treatment we perform will be successful and long lasting. 

    This discovery process may be very limited for those patients who require no treatment other than a routine re-care visit with our hygiene staff.  Our team hopes that all of our patients eventually are in this state of oral health.  Unfortunately, some patients have varying degrees of oral disease.  In those cases that are simple and need basic treatment procedures, we correct the problem and monitor them over time with appropriate re-care visits with our hygienist.

    With those patients who have more complex oral health problems, we proceed differently.  Often times in these cases the problems can not be fixed in a simple fashion.  At least not with the hope of long term success.  For these patients we attempt to discover the underlying cause of the problems and then taylor our treatment with those factors in mind.  This process begins with a thorough examination of the patient, followed by a consultation visit where all the findings are presented and treatment recommendations discussed.

    All of our patients are offered a complete dental examination.  This allows for the identification of all  factors that are capable of causing or contributing to the deterioration of oral health or function. 

    Our ultimate goal is the achievement of a maintainable oral environment, that is in harmony with all of it's parts.  To accomplish this, we look at not only the teeth, but the muscles, the jaw joints, the gums and the bones of the jaws.  In summary, the whole system is evaluated.  What effects one part of the system will eventually affect the other parts.  If everything is already in harmony, then we follow up the patient at their re-care visit.  If problems exist, we look to discovering "Why?"

The components of our complete exam consist of:

For all of our patients we evaluate:

    The goal of the complete dental examination is to discover all the pertinent facts about the current oral condition of the patient.  This knowledge is used to formulate a goal for the patient that leads to a state of optimum oral health.

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