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Cosmetics isn't just make up!


  Your appearance matters.  Your face, and specifically your smile, is the first thing that others notice when they meet you.  The cosmetic industry knows this and that's why billions of dollars are spent yearly on the products they produce.  In dentistry, that explains why over the counter tooth whitening products are so popular.

  Dental cosmetics is more than "white teeth."  The topic involves both an Art and a Science.  For your smile to be a true masterpiece, it should be in harmony with your face.  No simple digital imaging, or manipulation of photographs, can be performed to show you a final result that will hold up over time.  That's our Team Goal at Stony Spring Family Dental.  Whatever we do cosmetically, we want you to not only look good, but, we want the result to last the test of time.

  How do we accomplish this?  Before any cosmetic treatment is performed, we do our homework.  We perform a complete oral exam.  We get to know your particular case and strive to understand "why" things are happening.  It's a discovery process of your mouth and helps in the success of your treatment.

  Why Art & Science?  The end result, your masterpiece, your new smile - the art - is based upon science:

  •   Understanding the factors involved in your unique case
  •   Studying your smile and your face
  •   Applying our knowledge of dental materials and bonding techniques so that we achieve a successful result.

  Cosmetic treatment includes everything from the simple fillings that we place, to the cleanings that our hygiene staff perform.  Everything that we do has a cosmetic factor involved.  We want you to look your best, because when you look your best you feel your best and will perform your best.  Enjoy the cases at left, and if you have any questions, please feel free to discuss them with one of our staff.

2004 David W. Hammer, DMD, PSC