Complete Dentures



There was a time years ago when it was expected that with the passage of time men and women would loose their teeth and require complete dentures.  Today, more people are keeping their natural teeth as a result of improved oral hygiene and better restorative materials.  Complete dentures are still placed and today the material is much improved in terms of esthetics and durability.  However, the denture teeth will wear and the dentures will in time become loose fitting leading to problems with the bite and the bone on which the dentures rest.  With proper periodic examinations the potential side effects can be minimized.

  Below is a photo of a patient who has lost their teeth and the upper and lower jaws have shrunk to the point that the dentures will not stay in.  This is one major draw back to conventional dentures.  The bone takes all of the force from the dentures and over time the bone does resorbe.  With periodic check ups, the denture can be re-lined and the denture kept from moving and causing bone loss.

Cases like the one at left are not hopeless.  With implants, the patient can be restored with new dentures that will fit better and cause minimal bone loss.

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Implant retained dentures

    Bar Retaine denture

4 implants supporting a bar. The implants were placed by Dr. Rob Schroering. The bar and denture were made by Keller Lab.

View of the clip inside the lower denture. This snaps over the bar.

The lower denture seated over the bar.

View of the patient's bite. The lower denture does not move.


    Ball attachments

Two implants in the lower jaw with ball attachments on them.

View inside the lower denture. The implants snap into the two housings.

The patient's bite. The lower denture does not move.


    Locator attachments

Upper arch with Locator Attachments. Implants placed by Dr. James Klemens.

Lower arch with Locator Attachments. Implants placed by Dr. James Klemens.

Inside the upper denture are the housings

View inside the lower denture and the housings

Upper denture in place

Lower denture in place

Patient's new bite. The dentures are very secure! Dentures made by Keller Dental Lab of Louisville


2004 David W. Hammer, DMD, PSC