Dental Laser



    Rarely does anyone enjoy a visit to the dentist.  Most people would rather be anywhere else than in the dental chair.  With that in mind, our office team works hard to make your visit with us as pleasant as possible.


    Modern dentistry now has a dental laser made by Biolase which allows the dentist to perform certain procedures without anesthesia.  The procedures are quick and painless in comparison to the past techniques.


    The Biolase Waterlaser uses laser - energized water to cut teeth, and gum tissue often without the use of anesthetic.  The Waterlaser has been around since October of 1998 and has been proven to be safe and painless 98.5% of the time!













    At Stony Spring Family Dental, we use the Waterlaser to:

        -    remove decay from teeth,

        -    perform conservative tooth preparation,

        -    treat sensitive teeth,

        -    reshape gum tissue for a more cosmetic appearance,

        -    treat apthous ulcers and fever blisters,

        -    eliminate bacteria in periodontal pockets,

        -    enhance the bonding of tooth colored fillings to teeth.

    Our office has been using the Biolase Waterlaser since the Summer of 2001.  We have grown in the use of the laser and utilize in cases that we feel is appropriate and in the patient's best interest.  On June 22, 2005, Lori Lyl of Wave 3 TV came to our office and did an interview of us and two of our patients that we treated.  The segment aired on the evening news on 6-23-05 and the mid-day news on 6-24-05.  A photo of the office staff and Ms. Lyl is below.



    If you have any questions concerning the Waterlaser, call our office and our staff will be happy to discuss the procedure with you!

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2004 David W. Hammer, DMD, PSC