Oral Surgery


    Our practice deals primarily with preventative and restorative dental procedures.  Dr. Hammer and his staff remove teeth on a per case basis.  This involves the health of the patient and the difficulty of the procedure.  We rely upon specialists to remove difficult teeth.  Often times when a tooth is removed there needs to be some sort of replacement to take its place.

    The first option should always be an implant to replace the tooth.  The success of the implant depends upon preserving the bone and soft tissue from which the tooth is removed.  Also, the bone quality can be evaluated and the long term prognosis of the implant depends upon knowing in what type of bone the implant is placed.  Therefore, our office policy is to have the dental specialist remove the tooth and evaluate the bone at that time.  It does involve going to a second office, but that is a small price to pay for a better outcome in the long run.

    If the patient does not want a dental implant, for whatever reason, we still refer to the specialist for the removal of the tooth for other reasons.  Namely, if complications arise, and they do, it's better to be treated by a specialist who has more advanced training and who is better equipped to handle such problems.  Also, the specialist can shape the bone or the soft tissue if a fixed bridge, removable partial, or a complete denture is treatment planned as the final restoration.

    Advances are being made in the field of surgical techniques, that problems we had to live with in the past, do not have to exist with our patients of today.  Modern dental care involves using the specialists that are available to us and in the end the service to the patient is much greater.

    For a list of the oral surgeons and periodontists that we team with to have teeth removed and implants placed, visit our Dental Partners page.

    Our office does remove some teeth and we base our decision upon each individual case.

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