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Winter 2012

Our office is proud to have a new hygienist on staff, Candice Hoffman.  She is a graduate of the University of Louisville four year program in Dental Hygiene.  Some of our patients have already met her and we have heard nothing but good things about her.  She is very personable and gentle in the treatment that she provides. 

Candice.bmpIn her free time she enjoys making clay pottery, spending time outdoors and playing with her dachshund, Oscar. 

At your next cleaning, Candice looks forward to meeting you and your family.





Dental Implants:

As some of our patients know, we now not only restore implants, we place them too.  Dental implants have been around for many years and implants that were placed years ago are still in place and functioning well.  There are numerous designs on the market, from mini-implants to normal sized implants.  There are indications and contraindications for the usage of all implants and our office staff will gladly answer any questions that you may have.

In all cases, implants need adequate, healthy bone if they are to serve the patient for many years.  From the time a tooth is removed, bone loss starts.  Sometimes an implant can be placed when the tooth is removed and the bone is preserved.  In the presence of infection, the tooth is removed and it is best to allow the body to clear up any infection before the implant is placed.  If the patient is a diabetic or has a compromised healing system, the area is allowed to heal also before the placement of the implant is performed.

In our office we often place human bone, “cow bone” or synthetic bone in the socket at the same time of tooth removal.  This preserves the bone and the patient’s body starts to grown bone into the grafted matrix.  Usually in 3 months an implant can be placed.

If a tooth has been missing for an extended period of time, there might not be enough width of bone to adequately support the implant.  In a case like this, a bone graft can be performed to create the necessary bone volume so that an implant can be successfully placed.

Our practice has placed implants to replace a single tooth with a crown, large spaces with fixed bridgework, and retained dentures and partials with multiple implants.  Our fees are very competitive with those charged elsewhere.

Each patient and case is unique and our staff would gladly answer any questions that you might have concerning extractions, grafting and the placement of an implant.  Once placed and allowed to heal, the restorative treatment is finished in a short time period.

In future issues, we will go into more detail of our office procedure concerning implants from A to Z.


Our Goal is to help You…

Our practice is open to feedback from our patients.  We have heard from some that we need to be open when they are off from work.  Many people just can’t take off in the middle of the day and have their dental work performed like they once were able to do.

So, we have as a team come up with a schedule that we hope will be of help to those who need extended hours.  Our office now offers evening hours on Thursdays.  We will be in the office from 10 am until 7 pm.

When you call for an appointment, ask about the new hours.  Our office staff will do their best to satisfy your needs.

On Monday and Wednesdays we will continue to see patients starting at 7 AM so you can have your dental needs met before work or school.  The early time slots are a hit with our patients.

If there are any other concerns that you would like addressed, please let us know.

It has been in the news and there was little to no feedback from the dental society on the local, to the state and even the national level; and our practice would like to make our patients aware that we use the highest materials available in our practice.  If you have not read or seen on television, a dentist was convicted and sentenced to jail for civil and federal crimes.  He was placing “paper clips” in teeth that had been treated with root canals in the attempt to save money.

In our practice we perform root canal treatment and we place ADA approved posts in teeth that need them following the root canal procedure.  These posts are from one of two categories; either a fiber post in front teeth where cosmetics are a concern, or made of surgical titanium in the back teeth where strength is of primary concern.

All that the case mentioned above did was place dentistry in a bad light and being a profession that needs the trust of the public, we at this office are sorry that such behavior occurred.

In our practice, we strive to do the best for the people who place their trust in us and no matter how “bad” the economy gets, we will not cut corners on the care that we provide.  If you ever have any questions about what we are doing or using, please stop us and ask us questions.


Winter 2011

The new year is here and many of us like to watch our favorite college basketball team on television or for those who or lucky to have season tickets, in person at the arena.  If you are like me, at times I find myself grinding my teeth during those close games.  The act can be occurring and I'm not even aware of it.  Over time the results of grinding can appear as chips or craze lines in my teeth.  During the game I just snack more and take my frustration out on the pretzel or chip that's in my mouth.

Sometimes this grinding can occur at night when I'm asleep.  Once again, the damage to the tooth structure and the supporting bone can be occurring gradually and at a rate that we are not aware of it being present.  Our office looks for those signs and today treatment can be offered in the form of a simple appliance that fits over your front teeth.  Unlike in the past when night guards were bulky and covered the whole upper or lower arch, the modern appliances are smaller and easier to wear.

As any of our staff members and they will gladly answer any questions that you might have in regards to these appliances.


Sensitive Teeth Causes and Treatment        

From the ADA Journal, Vol 134 12-2003

 “If a taste of ice cream or a sip of coffee is sometimes painful or if brushing or flossing makes you wince occasionally, you may have a common problem called ‘sensitive teeth.’  Some of the causes include tooth decay, a cracked tooth, worn tooth enamel, worn fillings and tooth roots that are exposed as a result of aggressive tooth brushing, gum recession and periodontal (gum) disease.”

“Sensitive teeth can be treated.”  Treatment might could be as simple as using a desensitizing toothpaste at home in the morning and the evening.  Sometimes an in office treatment involving a fluoride gel can correct the problem.  In cases where the gum tissue has receded a gum grafting procedure to cover the exposed root of the tooth can be performed.  In cases of a cavity in a tooth a filling might be all that is necessary.  Those cases where the nerve of the tooth is damaged, a root canal is necessary.  Sometimes a crown is required.  If you have a sensitive tooth, remember to have it looked at early when treatment might be simple.